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We see a bright future if people are connected to urban landscapes. We believe through our efforts in connecting people to these spaces we will help improve their communities, families, environment and careers.

Urture was founded by Zech Strauser a long-time outdoor enthusiast and a leader in the Landscape profession. He saw a need for to have a brand that represents the culture of the natural environment when connected to the urban spaces we live in. Urture will capture a blend of mountain gear along with a rugged work wear with an influence from skate, snow and urban culture. In other words, you won't catch us doing yoga at sunset on a mountaintop. *wink*

He also believes that more should be done to bring attention to connecting  the younger generation to green collar trades. Even more importantly, he sees a growing disconnect in the importance of urban nature spaces. By helping people connect to these spaces we can positively impact our communities. By creating products and services, this will allow us to give back and influence our future connection with urban nature spaces.