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Urture launches Green Collar Patch Hat Exchange for 2023

The Green Collar Patch Hat Exchange is currently underway. We have just launched an industry wide fund raiser with the intent to donate to local trade schools and programs. Each company that signs up will have a custom made patch hat produced with their logo, branding and company colors as well as a small Green Collar patch to show your support. For each hat that your company pledges $5 will be donated to a program of your choice. Stay tuned to our socials and our website at urture.com for the launch!

Read more below:

"Over the years, landscaping as a line of work has been viewed as an outlier when it comes to determining a career path. When people think about the types of jobs there are in the world, it is traditionally broken down into two buckets: white collar and blue collar. However, one pivotal line of work is missing from this lineup and that is the work of green collar employees, those who are committed to creating a more beautiful and more sustainable environment for all walks of life.

 Today, Urture is proud to launch the Green Collar Patch Hat Collaboration, inviting brands and companies to join a movement that will help drive awareness to the ever-growing landscape, arborist, nursing and farming trades.

 This unique collaboration invites the green collar workforce to represent their company or organization by adding their “patch” to the official “Green Collar” hat, which will be supplied by Urture. With each hat order, a portion of that sale will be donated to trade schools and programs that provide the skills needed to be successful in green collar fields of work."

Read more on this page and if you'd like to sign up please fill out the form!





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